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One Construction Ltda logo

One Construction Ltda


São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil2016D-U-N-S Registered

We are specialists in the execution of engineering works and services that add value to companies, operating in different segments, from logistics centers to department stores. We believe that committed and motivated people can change Brazil for the better. We were born from the desire to innovate, the desire to change paradigms and to transform the construction process into a positive experience

Ssma Assessoria e Consultoria Ambiental Ltda ME logo

Ssma Assessoria e Consultoria Ambiental Ltda ME

Ssma Consultoria

Patos De Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil2008D-U-N-S Registered

Atuando junto aos órgãos ambientais estaduais e autarquias federais, a SSMA conquistou uma base de sustentação para perenização da nossa atividade no segmento de consultoria, através de um sólido envolvimento governamental e institucional desde o nível hierárquico superior até os níveis técnicos, como: SEMAD/Supram (MG), SAP/Cetesb (SP), SEMA (BA), SEMAS (PA), SEMA (MT) e SECIMA (GO); bem como de

Construcciones, Carreteras y Metal Mecanica de Guatemala, S.A. logo

Construcciones, Carreteras y Metal Mecanica de Guatemala, S.A.

Construcciones de Guatemala

Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala2009D-U-N-S Registered

We have started our new path with a vision of generating by the year 2040, together with our business partners, 100,000 permanent jobs. All our business units, led by highly trained people, coordinate and work tirelessly to provide the best service in your construction project at the least time and cost, thus achieving greater profitability for our clients.

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Soluções Contra Incêndio FC Villela Ltda

Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil2021D-U-N-S Registered

Servicos de engenharia

Ramon & Dania Industrial S. de R.L. de C.V. logo

Ramon & Dania Industrial S. de R.L. de C.V.

R & D Industrial S. de R.L. de C.V.

San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras2003D-U-N-S Registered

We are a company created with the purpose of offering solutions in the field of Automation, Instrumentation and Control.

WPHD Construtora Ltda logo

WPHD Construtora Ltda


Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil2020D-U-N-S Registered

Stima Engenharia Ltda logo

Stima Engenharia Ltda

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil2004D-U-N-S Registered

A Stima Engenharia é uma empresa especializada em avaliações e perícias de engenharia, formada por profissionais com mais de 25 anos de experiência profissional. Durante este período a equipe realizou inúmeros projetos com dedicação e profissionalismo, atendendo clientes de diversos ramos e atividades dentro e fora do território brasileiro. A nossa atuação se extende à prestação de serviços envol

Outec Engenharia Ltda logo

Outec Engenharia Ltda


São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil1983D-U-N-S Registered

A OUTEC Engenharia Ltda é uma empresa brasileira de engenharia consultiva. Presente no mercado há mais de 30 anos, a OUTEC mantém um contínuo programa de desenvolvimento tecnológico de seu quadro técnico e, com a experiência acumulada ao longo desses anos, está capacitada a atender os seus clientes nos mais diversos ramos de atividades da engenharia. A presença da OUTEC nas mais importantes obra

Environquip - Engenharia de Sistemas Ambientais Ltda logo

Environquip - Engenharia de Sistemas Ambientais Ltda


Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil1998D-U-N-S Registered

Fundamental substance for life and base of most agricultural and industrial processes. A resource that seems cheap and abundant, but that is rare and finite. Today, taking care of water is not just a matter of responsibility. It's profitability. EnvironQuip offers complete solutions in the management of water resources. Our experienced team designs and implements water and wastewater treatment

Gaden, S.A. de C.V. logo

Gaden, S.A. de C.V.

Tlalnepantla De Baz, Estado De México, Mexico1995D-U-N-S Registered

We are a service company to industrial machinery committed to companies and extraordinary brands. We are specialists in the manufacture and repair of telescopic guards, burr extractors, filtering systems, ball screws, spindles and drawbars. ● Diagnosis, estimated cost and delivery date in 24 hours. ● Repair warranty on parts and labor for 180 days. ● Availability to provide maintenance and repai

Bauer Electrónica, S.A. de C.V. logo

Bauer Electrónica, S.A. de C.V.


Puebla, Puebla, Mexico1992D-U-N-S Registered

Bauer Electrónica, SA de CV was founded in August 1987 in response to the needs of the Mexican market for engineering services for the design of automation control panels, we have thirty years of experience in this field designing projects for the industry, in the automotive industry mainly. We use programmable control units (PLC) and industrial computers for the automation of stamping presses, we

Econ Tech, S.A. de C.V. logo

Econ Tech, S.A. de C.V.


San Andrés Cholula, Puebla, Mexico2014D-U-N-S Registered

ECON Tech proporciona soluciones innovadoras en el desarrollo de proyectos e ingeniería, junto con la tecnología e innovación que son la base de la empresa. Nuestras fortalezas son servicios de tecnología como la automatización, los sistemas eléctricos y tecnología de la información. Hoy en día la empresa es el proveedor de confianza en soluciones avanzadas para la industria, además se especializ

Proyectos, Ingeniería, Componentes y Servicios, S.A. de C.V. logo

Proyectos, Ingeniería, Componentes y Servicios, S.A. de C.V.


Puebla, Puebla, Mexico1993D-U-N-S Registered

We, IPMA, are one of the most efficient groups of companies in Europe in the engineering, project management, monitoring, consulting, support and tools sectors. In doing so, our claim is to always provide excellent services of consistent high quality at attractive conditions. Since our founding in 2000, we have been competent partners for recommendations of industrial companies, including veh

Gala Arquitectos e Ingenieros, S. de R.L. de C.V. logo

Gala Arquitectos e Ingenieros, S. de R.L. de C.V.

México, Ciudad De México, Mexico2011D-U-N-S Registered

A leading company formed by a group of professionals who possess the knowledge, skills and experience to solve the challenges in the development of projects. We are specialists in executive projects, providing quality services and excellence, we successfully meet the needs and total customer satisfaction, always with a cordial relationship. His professional career is maintained through the develo

Idom, S.A. de C.V. logo

Idom, S.A. de C.V.

México, Ciudad De México, Mexico2022D-U-N-S Registered

Nuestro objetivo es proporcionar a nuestros clientes un servicio excelente, de primera calidad, apoyado en un nivel tecnológico a la altura de los mejores y ofreciendo soluciones eficientes e innovadoras para resolver sus problemas enAnálisis avanzados, Arquitectura, Consultoría, Project management, E.P.C. / Llave en mano, Ingeniería Industrial, Ingeniería Civil, Telecomunicaciones, Energía, Medio

Mtnet Services, S.A. de C.V. logo

Mtnet Services, S.A. de C.V.


Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico2016D-U-N-S Registered

We help you enable and support end-to-end IT solutions to drive business results. Discover how we got here and how we are committed to help you. 1990 Our story begins in Guadalajara, Mexico 28 years ago, Agustín Topete began our history by founding Mexicana de Telecomunicaciones, the company that was characterized by its leadership as a service provider for IT infrastructure and that would even

Elit Grupo Comercial, S.A. de C.V. logo

Elit Grupo Comercial, S.A. de C.V.

Guadalupe, Nuevo León, Mexico1998D-U-N-S Registered
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Grupo Jetfix de México, S.A. de C.V.


Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico2016D-U-N-S Registered

1.- Comprar, vender, adquirir, enajenar, comercializar, distribuir, importar, exportar, arrendar, administrar, fabricar, maquilar, suministrar, por cuenta propia o ajena, toda clase de bienes, materiales, mercancías y productos. 2.- Adquirir, vender, enajenar, gravar, dar, y tomar en arrendamiento, dar y tomar en comodato, adquirir u otorgar cualesquiera de los derechos reales sobre bienes, import

Godínez González, David Alejandro logo

Godínez González, David Alejandro


Cuautitlán Izcalli, Estado De México, Mexico2013D-U-N-S Registered

Honestidad Compromiso Alta calidad Seguridad Respeto Productividad Excelente servicio al cliente Contribuir al comercio global modernizando los puertos de todo el mundo. Así, los puertos serán más eficientes, más seguros y más ecológicos. Con nuestra pasión y compromiso en cada servicio / proyecto, queremos ser un referente dentro de la industria de la automatización. Ofreciendo la me

Pealsa, S.A. de C.V. logo

Pealsa, S.A. de C.V.

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico2014D-U-N-S Registered